Wednesday, November 6, 2013

'Tis (kind of) the Season


A Holiday post right after the Halloween one? That is simply revolting consumer madness, right? Unfortunately, friends, this is just what I have been working on. The business boot-camp e-mails I receive (from too many places) are laying on the Christmas pressure, and now we have fallen into the capitalism wasteland here at Awkward Affections. Yes, I still cringe when I see Christmas decorations looming in the opposite aisle from the Halloween costumes, but now, I do so with shame.

Perhaps you will forgive me when you realize most of these cards are more winter oriented than holiday. This could be due to the fact that it was October when I was making them (and I wasn't yet in the jolly spirit) or it could be because I prefer using blue.
snowflakes are fractals
Blue adorable/odd characters on their awkward holiday excursions, and blue strange/enthusiastic snowflakes that say it like it is. We have the blue Snow Queen of course (you might remember from last post), and blue Snowman from the previous holiday season, but then we come to something that was truly inevitable and entirely obvious.
Christmas is Coming
It had to be done

Santa on the iron throne might be taking a turn from my normal card style, but I think something unsettling needed to be thrown in with the exuberance of my latest manifestations. I blame the lingering effects of Halloween, but most likely, all the cheer was making me uncomfortable.

So there it is. An early peek at a the holiday madness that we are trying to put off for just another few weeks. Perhaps this will be the last themed post, perhaps the rest of the year will be entirely candy canes and dapper anthropomorphic reindeer. Only time (and my constantly erratic whims) will tell.

As this post sits awkwardly across the blog aisle from Halloween, just know, my dear friends, that I grumble with you.