Monday, August 25, 2014

Less words, more pictures

Map of Hogwarts
Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy, warty, Hogwarts

Summer is the time for playful imaginings and exploration. It is hard to find succinct descriptions and any structure for what has been happening over these months. Instead, I'll leave you with
 some more doodles that came out of those strange and meandering days.

David Tennant

Living and working in the same space tends to prohibit most encounters with traditional media & painting (you know, for lack of space). The solution is watercolor! Sadly, over 10 years of art-y training, I managed to avoid watercolors as a whole. Perhaps intentionally, and perhaps I just wasn't whimsy enough. There is a sort of controlling nature one develops as a digital artist, and fumbling around with something like watercolors is simultaneously a liberating and frustrating experience. I still have to figure out a style (and the skill) but this will be an adventure nonetheless.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I want to believe

(Doodly art dump of some thnigs I got stuck in my head)

I never really understood why Mulder had the poster (when clearly he did believe)
...But for the rest of us? Sometimes you really just want to.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Spring Roundup

This is a quickie roundup for all the recent events I have (typically) neglected to follow up with this season. One of my spring projects was working with 826 Valencia on the cover of Uncharted Places. It is a newly published collection of 52 essays, written by SF High School seniors on the idea of "place." So... mapish stuff. You can (eventually) get it from the pirate store, but be sure to check out the 826 program too. 
It is pretty cool stuff.

Oh, and remember when I made a big fuss of WonderCon and then never said anything else about it? Yeah, happened. 

Favorite moments:
This badass couple!

 A few months ago I was lucky enough to design a Riddler/Poison Ivy themed Save the Date. When an actual printed version suddenly appeared in the living hands of The Riddler and Poison Ivy at the Con, my brain kind of exploded. I mean, it is rare that I ever meet a client face-to-face in this digital biz. I'm pretty sure I acted a-foolish, and I didn't get their group Batman villains picture (because I'm slow and socially awkward) but it was a pretty awesome experience.

Then this! The Hound! Who was having a Game of Thrones themed birthday party and let me play squire when he needed saving from his (seriously legit) armor. I had to physically restrain, "BE MY FRIEND!" from sporadically ejaculating my idiot mouth.
(Shut up, you're the dork).
So, is this what tiny feels like?

After those two experiences my fan-girl meter was a little taxed. Meeting Kelly Sue DeConnick (wearing my Hawkeye shirt & utter dorkitude) just obliterated all of my composure (I don't duck-face for just anyone).

And that was the glory of WonderCon in a baby-nutshell. (I also acquired a wizard robe, the Master Sword, and a Wonder Woman bathing suit. I may now die happy).

In other news:

New indie comics for Kaz:
Pretty Deadly I cant even form a just sentence for this. If you know me, I've probably already tried to foist the first issue on you and (obviously) wont shut up about Kelly Sue and Emma Rios. 
The lovely art of Melissa Pagluica and her comic Above the Clouds: whimsical and gorgeous watercolor.
Regalia by Eliza Frye: provocative, deep and heartbreaking work.
The Weirding Willows: Written by one of my row mates. I just adore fable mashups.

(Official) Event photos:
Wondercon (plenty of other/better links for this)
Urban Air

and blah & bla....

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WonderCon 2014

WonderCon is next week!! The schedules, panels and set-up look absolutely fabulous–I just cant wait! You can find me in the Artist's Alley Booth AA168
(Full Guide Here)

Despite procrastination & a busy schedule, I hope to debut some cool new stuff at the event. You can definitely expect to see the new map of Essos (companion to Westeros), but to celebrate the long awaited new season of Game of Thrones (aka: the results of my obsessive fan-girling), I shall reveal a very special, Limited Edition print (ohmygodwhatisit)! WonderCon attendees will get the first grabs, and once the prints are sold out, they will be lost to you like Danerys in the Red Waste. *gasp*

Don't forget, AA168! 

Monday, March 24, 2014



Practicality is not a trait one would usually ascribe to someone who chose an art career with a six figure loan under her belt. But I try to be practical, and I try not to start projects that are solely for personal interest. So when I was approached to create a Final Fantasy/ Amano style wedding invitation set, it was a dream come true. I mean, yes, there are people who still love those games, but enough to center their (once-in-a-lifetime) wedding around it? Nope. For practicality, I though the set could never happen.
I am still amazed to be hired for something so damn cool (you'll forgive me if I still gush about it).





Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello/Goodbye January

 Being the last week of January, I think it is safe to say we have all finally shed the post-holiday foodcoma/haze and are ready to really approach the new year. For most of this month I have been giving Awkward Affections some fresh paint. You may have noticed some banner changes and new website additions, but there is still about a yard left on my to-do list. However, me+CSS= a whole mess of Greek tragedy style agony, so it'll be slow going after this. (And friends, don't judge the state of my website. I know, ok? It may be the kid at the science fair that you're embarrassed to be standing next to, but we tried. So stop being such a judge-muffin and look at all this art stuff instead!)

Doctor Who Wedding Invitation Set

Muertos Formal Wedding Invitation Set

That's right! It's all sorts of wedding production up in here. I have been having fun creating this new set, as well as some extras for the older invitations. There will be more to come in various installments.
For those of you still reading, here is a reward for your pain (and loyalty, of course): Download your very own, free Awkward Affections 2014 printable calendar! Personal use only, please :)