Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello/Goodbye January

 Being the last week of January, I think it is safe to say we have all finally shed the post-holiday foodcoma/haze and are ready to really approach the new year. For most of this month I have been giving Awkward Affections some fresh paint. You may have noticed some banner changes and new website additions, but there is still about a yard left on my to-do list. However, me+CSS= a whole mess of Greek tragedy style agony, so it'll be slow going after this. (And friends, don't judge the state of my website. I know, ok? It may be the kid at the science fair that you're embarrassed to be standing next to, but we tried. So stop being such a judge-muffin and look at all this art stuff instead!)

Doctor Who Wedding Invitation Set

Muertos Formal Wedding Invitation Set

That's right! It's all sorts of wedding production up in here. I have been having fun creating this new set, as well as some extras for the older invitations. There will be more to come in various installments.
For those of you still reading, here is a reward for your pain (and loyalty, of course): Download your very own, free Awkward Affections 2014 printable calendar! Personal use only, please :)


  1. Can you do an announcement for a 20 year anniversary renewal of vows? How nerdy is that?


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