Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Space & Time

Well, I drew the Tardis & Doctor Who

You knew it just a matter of time until I came around to this print. Hey, these things have to come naturally right? After a week of Star Trek fan-girling and Doctor Who "research" I am developing something of a space obsession...

Hell, I even made a space-scarf:
Oh, Pinterest. The things you make me do.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

(I promise better things next time)

I make no excuses for the past week of radio silence, but tinkering with the behind the scenes business upkeep has given me very little to show for the experience. While I have been obsessively Frankensteining the Awkward Affections website, that experience has been an unpleasant battle between frustration,  agony, and a fleeting, yet vicious pride once I get something to actually work. Personally, I find it easier to draw with oven mitts.

As CSS has given me more time with my left brain than I am comfortable with, I have only a weekend's worth of bad, unfinished drawings and this lackluster post.

But before I fall back into the void, I will leave you with only one terrible drawing, the promise of a slightly better designed website, and a list of things I have been geeking and squeeing over this week:

 1. The new Riddick Trailer- whatever, it could be a verbatim Pitch Black, I would still want to see it. (Bones and Starbuck?!)

2. This gallery of phenomenal embroidery in the Game of Thrones costumes. (As I am obsessed with "The Art of..." books, this will have to supplant my need for a GoT concept book.)

 3. Ok, it's a song about the periodic table (still stuck in my head), but I loved it, if not only because it brings me back to the glory days of The Animaniacs.

And now it is time to go back to mutilating my brand!

EDIT: Ok, there are a few new things I failed to mention. One being this "I miss you" card

 ...which was my solution to sending creepy pix messages like these to your loved ones:

(my life is an endless source of awkwardness).

Monday, May 13, 2013

A very big thank you!

I cannot even begin to thank everyone who came out to the Patchwork and Urban Air Market shows! For someone this awkward, meeting people is actually the best part of my job. I've always heard it was good to go outside (one and a while), but people are so much nicer in person than the internet. To be real, the Bay area is filled with some pretty awesome people (and that includes vendors).

To start with Urban Air- I might have challenged nature a little with my perpetually cynical expectations, so I will ignore the fact that it did rain, my tent did fall over and San Francisco was donned with our bi-annual clap of thunder on that particular day. Still, it brought us all closer together, and though my ghettocrafty sign bled pathetic, blackemokid tears from the water, it all worked out because I made another sign. A better sign, so eat it nature.* And, you know what? The sun came out and people still wandered the streets
of Hayes Valley - even in the rain.
Action shot of me being unsure
of what to do with my hands...

Patchwork was invariably less dramatic (being on the summer end of the Bay) and the show was, you know, indoors, so it was naturally lovely and balmy out (a sensation you try and forget about, living in a wall of SF fog). Only once did I knock all my cards from the stand with my yeti hands. The one smidgen of alarm was a 4 year old's plot to kidnap Madame Pancake, but poor Pancake weighed more than both the child and her conspirator. 
All in all, the past two Sundays were a total blast. Again, it is thanks to all of the people who made it possible, and the ones who came out to give company to us lonely, trapped vendors.
Now I will get back to doing whatever it is I do. Here are the last few pictures because I have no idea where else to put them.
Yeep...totally awk

*Don't eat it, nature. I'm not challenging you again.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Awkward as my namesake

Doing a show you haven't vended before sort of feels like the first day of high school. You wander into a swarm of other (cooler) people who somehow seem to know what to do and never need directions. You don't know the other big kids or where to find your locker. You worry about the snickering over your clearly budgeted booth display and signage. Granted, I am nervous about any situation where other humans might pay attention to me, but if you are somehow unfamiliar with the idea of anxiety, it is living through life with this consistently looping in your mind.

However, unlike high school, once the show begins that anxiety tends to dissipate (as long as my tent doesn't blow away and barrel through all the other vendors.) But until then, I will continue to expect the worst, as any respectable person from New York does.

So, on that note, come visit me over the next two Sundays and make sure to throw stuff at me and slap the books from my arms. It will actually be a helluva good time (as long as the weather holds and the "big one" doesn't happen and swallow us all into the earth...).

Party whale demands fun!
5/5 Urban Air: http://www.urbanairmarket.com/
5/12 Patchwork: http://patchworkshow.com/craft-fair-locations/oakland-events/