Wednesday, May 22, 2013

(I promise better things next time)

I make no excuses for the past week of radio silence, but tinkering with the behind the scenes business upkeep has given me very little to show for the experience. While I have been obsessively Frankensteining the Awkward Affections website, that experience has been an unpleasant battle between frustration,  agony, and a fleeting, yet vicious pride once I get something to actually work. Personally, I find it easier to draw with oven mitts.

As CSS has given me more time with my left brain than I am comfortable with, I have only a weekend's worth of bad, unfinished drawings and this lackluster post.

But before I fall back into the void, I will leave you with only one terrible drawing, the promise of a slightly better designed website, and a list of things I have been geeking and squeeing over this week:

 1. The new Riddick Trailer- whatever, it could be a verbatim Pitch Black, I would still want to see it. (Bones and Starbuck?!)

2. This gallery of phenomenal embroidery in the Game of Thrones costumes. (As I am obsessed with "The Art of..." books, this will have to supplant my need for a GoT concept book.)

 3. Ok, it's a song about the periodic table (still stuck in my head), but I loved it, if not only because it brings me back to the glory days of The Animaniacs.

And now it is time to go back to mutilating my brand!

EDIT: Ok, there are a few new things I failed to mention. One being this "I miss you" card

 ...which was my solution to sending creepy pix messages like these to your loved ones:

(my life is an endless source of awkwardness).

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