Friday, May 3, 2013

Awkward as my namesake

Doing a show you haven't vended before sort of feels like the first day of high school. You wander into a swarm of other (cooler) people who somehow seem to know what to do and never need directions. You don't know the other big kids or where to find your locker. You worry about the snickering over your clearly budgeted booth display and signage. Granted, I am nervous about any situation where other humans might pay attention to me, but if you are somehow unfamiliar with the idea of anxiety, it is living through life with this consistently looping in your mind.

However, unlike high school, once the show begins that anxiety tends to dissipate (as long as my tent doesn't blow away and barrel through all the other vendors.) But until then, I will continue to expect the worst, as any respectable person from New York does.

So, on that note, come visit me over the next two Sundays and make sure to throw stuff at me and slap the books from my arms. It will actually be a helluva good time (as long as the weather holds and the "big one" doesn't happen and swallow us all into the earth...).

Party whale demands fun!
5/5 Urban Air:
5/12 Patchwork:


  1. It's all worse in your head darlin. I doubt Mahopac High Schoolers treated you as you described. Be proud and have fun most importantly!

    1. The links captured the awkward and the angst and were cleverly funny! also, Ditto big bro's parental advice. Enjoy the sunny California weekend and bask in your casbah of success!


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