Saturday, April 20, 2013


Judging by my affinity for antique reference books, it's actually quite surprising it took me this long to come up with the botany charts. Every year I find myself listening to entire Harry Potter series on audiobook while I work (Stephen Fry you are my hero). However, on a note of how I function ("function" being a relative term), I generally have been starting the series in the middle, finishing it, then starting over from the beginning...which is sort of illuminating as to how I work in daily life (and amazing that I get anything done). As a result, I essentially know more about magical plant properties than I do real plants - and even more so now. I think my next pass through life-at-Hogwarts I will be taking notes...

On a side note, my dear Bay Area friends can come visit me (and my unicorn) this summer at one of these fantastic events. Seriously, they are so many great designers lined up- it is going to be amazing!


Urban Air Market:
Patchwork Show
Indie Mart

I'll also have future updates posted on the calendar here:

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  1. I too probably may have done better in biology if I connected it somehow to something mythical. Nice font you went with. That's a nice tour schedule. Busy May so maybe you visit me in June? You should make tour tshirts.


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