Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Muertos and Mascots

I painted this while listening to the Game of Thrones audiobook, and now all it reminds me of is The Wall, White Walkers and Ned Stark being infuriatingly, stubbornly noble (as if I didn't already know what happens). At any rate, it has been a portrait kind of month for me.

Also, just in time for the spring fairs, Awkward Affections has acquired a new mascot! She still needs to tell me her name, but I think the shop has unavoidably succumbed to the unicorn motif (because I just couldn't resist getting the wax seal... I mean it's awesome. I feel like a prince...)

The first show is just a month away and you can come meet this lovely creature in person! I'll update in about a week with some of the showcase dates (I still have three more to hear back from).


  1. I love the unicorn mascot! It is so amazing how beautiful yet mysterious they can be. So excited for everything you have coming up!!!!

  2. Awesome portrait. Thought it was an album cover or tattoo in the preview. Anything skully and pretty simultaneously kicks ass. The unicorn looks noble to me...stubbornly noble....maybe she is actually a Ned


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