Monday, June 2, 2014

Spring Roundup

This is a quickie roundup for all the recent events I have (typically) neglected to follow up with this season. One of my spring projects was working with 826 Valencia on the cover of Uncharted Places. It is a newly published collection of 52 essays, written by SF High School seniors on the idea of "place." So... mapish stuff. You can (eventually) get it from the pirate store, but be sure to check out the 826 program too. 
It is pretty cool stuff.

Oh, and remember when I made a big fuss of WonderCon and then never said anything else about it? Yeah, happened. 

Favorite moments:
This badass couple!

 A few months ago I was lucky enough to design a Riddler/Poison Ivy themed Save the Date. When an actual printed version suddenly appeared in the living hands of The Riddler and Poison Ivy at the Con, my brain kind of exploded. I mean, it is rare that I ever meet a client face-to-face in this digital biz. I'm pretty sure I acted a-foolish, and I didn't get their group Batman villains picture (because I'm slow and socially awkward) but it was a pretty awesome experience.

Then this! The Hound! Who was having a Game of Thrones themed birthday party and let me play squire when he needed saving from his (seriously legit) armor. I had to physically restrain, "BE MY FRIEND!" from sporadically ejaculating my idiot mouth.
(Shut up, you're the dork).
So, is this what tiny feels like?

After those two experiences my fan-girl meter was a little taxed. Meeting Kelly Sue DeConnick (wearing my Hawkeye shirt & utter dorkitude) just obliterated all of my composure (I don't duck-face for just anyone).

And that was the glory of WonderCon in a baby-nutshell. (I also acquired a wizard robe, the Master Sword, and a Wonder Woman bathing suit. I may now die happy).

In other news:

New indie comics for Kaz:
Pretty Deadly I cant even form a just sentence for this. If you know me, I've probably already tried to foist the first issue on you and (obviously) wont shut up about Kelly Sue and Emma Rios. 
The lovely art of Melissa Pagluica and her comic Above the Clouds: whimsical and gorgeous watercolor.
Regalia by Eliza Frye: provocative, deep and heartbreaking work.
The Weirding Willows: Written by one of my row mates. I just adore fable mashups.

(Official) Event photos:
Wondercon (plenty of other/better links for this)
Urban Air

and blah & bla....


  1. I LOVE 826 Valencia! And also you! Awesome work!

    1. 826 is the best! (And you're also the best <3!)


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