Sunday, December 11, 2011


Despite that this is technically a blog about my work, it seems fitting that my first post would be about all of the procrastination I've been doing to avoid work. Though technically, this is still art and therefore technically "work," I think I have been enjoying it a little too much...which, therefore might mean it isn't work. But hey, I have a hobby again.

What I'm getting to is: jewelry. When I was about 6 maybe I had an avid jewelry business that I shared with my cousin. My brothers were duped into buying many earrings they couldn't wear. Though I might have lost my haggling finesse, I'd say the merch has at least been a little upgraded.

Oh, and I made a chandelier. You know, because every 10'x10' apartment bedroom needs a chandelier. Procrastination. It's a sickness. A strangely satisfying and productive sickness...


  1. I was never duped. I still wear my "what-eva" and "eace" bracelets.

  2. the artist's way or proocrastination? I like to look at it positively...


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