Friday, January 20, 2012

Productive Hiatus

Sooo, I've been busybusy this past month working on getting my Etsy site together. Being as indecisive as I am, this has been taking about 3x as long as it probably should have. But, I have a whole bunch of new stuff to show you guys! I'll start with my most alarming piece yet. Christina will probably receive her birthday gift on the month anniversary after it passed (such as things go with us) but this way I can share it with everyone else.
Are you ready for this?


I'm dead serious. And don't go looking for any puns in there. 
I know they aren't a perfect pair because lefty had a little more jazz in life than his partner, but no one here is judgmental and I hear asymmetry is in, so that issue goes into the list of things I just cannot help. 

Moving onto more serious business...such as my "business" here are the other things I have been doing:

I like to call these the "Dancing Sisters." If you wear them you'll understand why. 

And my "Glam Girls" have sparkles in their eye...sockets. 

Dark and twisty tree earrings with a glitter back.

A rose is a rose, and a hummingbird is in there too.

A wish and a heart in a bottle. I'm going to make them into necklaces eventually. 
Some random things.My octopus "Eight times the love." Jane Austen silhouette, "Life is but a dream," Twitchy Owl, two glam deer and my star girl. 

Finally, my glass beads/ soon-to-be necklaces. The last one is a transit map of SF. Like "I left my heart in San Francisco." Get it? Total cheese. It has been a long day. But hopefully I will get my Etsy up tomorrow! Stay Tuned for more!

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  1. These are AMAZING! I know a photographer that can take great detail photos of your gear....
    ...lefty had a little more jazz left...


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