Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reviews and Obsessions

I have a horrible weakness that will make Future Kaz's moving escapades a living hell. I blame Amazon, frankly. My tenacious compulsion to call it “research” along with whatever magical property allows Amazon to make ridiculous discounts has made it nearly impossible for me to resist obsessively buying comics and art books. The only flaw with Amazon's book overlording is that the things I want to buy don't always have that "look inside" feature. As it turns out, with art books, this is sort of important. Because I am weak, this only causes me to procrastinate buying the book for about a week or two, but for the rest of the population who has will power, this makes it difficult to know when a concept book is amazing or just a halfassed-by-product of film companies who want to scrape up extra money.

For that reason, I have decided to start adding video and reviews of books I have. I am not trying to help the Amazon Empire (because divine panda knows that one day they'll probably own me too), but I'd like to help the rest of the drawing-reference-obsessed figure out what they want. So stay tuned for some flip book videos and mini concept reviews. Nothing fancy, but maybe useful.

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