Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pemberly Debut

APE is tomorrow! Naturally, I made a few last minute things ( and in celebration of the weekend, I am posting my Pride and Prejudice tribute (guilty pleasure). This will not be seen on Etsy until after the expo (you lucky APE-goers, you)!

I have my tape, a 5 hour energy shot, three different methods of cutting something, a whole lotta markers and some clothespins (for some reason I have yet to find out). This doesn't mean I wont forget my prints tomorrow...

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  1. Dang I like the exclusivity of first buyers being attendees but how can I be part of other VIP merch? This Jane Austen stuff is great. Maybe a crossover Awkward Affection with uh I mean whatever characters are in those chick books. I like the new banner on top too.


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