Friday, November 16, 2012

Greetings and Cheer

This November, I have thrown myself deep into the world of holiday retail. Not only working consumer retail, but also by chugging away in my personal sweatshop, making earrings and buckles and prints and cards galore! I want to make this season rock, so here are a few of my new things, fresh off the press!

On another note, last night way the "Future Sound" benefit event which I got to be a vendor. It was a super cool setup at Mighty here in SF, and all the proceeds went to the SF Food Bank! I got to meet some really awesome people, despite it being a day filled with FAIL. Through some table renting issues, Square technical difficulties and sitting by a speaker the size of a Mac truck, I realize that perhaps, I am getting old. It was bound to happen anyway. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Stay tuned for my next mythic bestiary anatomy print! It's gonna be awesome!!!



  1. Super Nintendo card is so super dope. Too bad about the event but life is like final fantasy and experience is worth more than gold and you can't level up without it


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