Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love and the apocalypse

Friends, lovers and pets alike- Happy Valentine's Day! On a day I'm normally indifferent, I now realize how much fun can be had in making wry, nerdy, evasive and dark humored love cards. Mush is uncomfortable unless buried in awkward sentiments such as this, don't you think?

Today was a big day for new listings. For those friends who maybe are feeling a little glum (as many do on a day such as this) here is a new card to help pick them up!

Or maybe you are separated from someone you really want to be with? No better way to pull some far away hearts than with adorable, puppy-eyed sheep!

Pop the question maybe? Nerds getting married? Of course you need some help along the way! Lord of the rings Wedding Party invites

Whether we want it or not, we just cant ignore love ( least not today. It's kind of a thing)


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  1. That end all card is great! Missing ewe!!! These would make anyone smile


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