Thursday, June 6, 2013

A sneak peek (Help us geeky love, you're our only hope)

Some of you may not know this, but I do love a fancy shindig. I may be reading too much Austen, (or "in the era of steam" novels), and this could just be an excuse to purchase an alarmingly excessive outfit, but there is something wonderful about a truly schwank event (like formal invitations, ballroom drama and judging the hell out of someone's taffeta.)

I may disagree with a lot about weddings, but it does seem to be the last great social shindig for normal folk (I say "normal" because watching watching Revenge has taught me not normal people seem to have formal shindigs for just about everything). In order to live vicariously through someone else's really expensive theme party, I got into making invitations. Like, really into it. So, without further rambling...

Lord of the Rings:

Lord of the Rings Wedding Invitations
One love to rule them all, amirite? (I could only fit so many puns into the set itself, but I could keep going...)

I may have stolen this idea. When my older brother got married (the sibling who took the "natural-ability-to-draw" gene) he drew an homage to this comic cover. Ever since, I have been mulling over the comic book invitation. This invite originally began as a cover, but eventually it progressed into a last page/cliffhanger comic scene. It may be fitting since "Save the dates" are sort of cliffhangers themselves (all the "dropped a bomb" excitement with no information and months in between when anything new happens).

My favorite Dia de  los Muertos figure has always been the wedding couple. I have seen a few Muertos themed weddings and I think they are just down right super. So, you know, this happened.


What began as "steam" gradually turned into something of a World's Fair/turn of the century idea. This is still a work in progress, so something of the steam variety might turn up, but currently, I am in no mood to draw gears.

I think a space theme will certainly be next. In the meantime, I will be fishing around my pool of geeky love puns to help me choose between Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who. Then again, I might just put it to a vote. Then again, I might just go with video games instead...Regardless, I am open to suggestions.


  1. 1. Before reading words, I see awesome art and say "awesome art" out loud. Then I laugh out loud at myself.
    1.a I don't use lol with the exception of this phrase only to say I don't use it.
    2. That Tolkien style card came out exceptional! Love the envelopes and the border and everything about it. It makes me want to attend Melanie and my man Danny's wedding and gyrate on their dance floor.
    2a. My dancing is not gyration but an expression of my soul.
    3. You possess such gene and you exhibit with ferocity.
    4. Totally would have used this as my invite. Totally want more of your comic art. Love it more that I got to see this first.
    5. THIS macabre CARD blew my socks off. Wow! totally would have used this as my invite.
    6. THIS world' fair CARD blew my mittens off. Wow! Totally would have used this as my invite. Work in progress? How? So awesome.
    7. Space is scary to me.
    8. In the event I am now considering remarrying three times only to use these invitations, I love my wife. Don't worry.

    1. With no socks or mittens, I am just glad you held onto your hat!
      And, in these times, it is the third marriage that really counts (power of three).


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