Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And so you're back, from outer space...

There was a period of my life where I terrified my mother by wanting to join the military. I thought that my best chance of getting into the FBI was by working up through the ranks (and apparently, this seemed easier than being smart). The combination of wanting to join the x-files and those army commercials that showed cadets skydiving, frankly, had me hooked.
If the army would have taken an 11 year old girl, my life would have been pretty different.

Nonetheless, this is definitely long overdue. The X-Files got me through middle school and aided my nerdy love of sci-fi and horror. With that being said, I am trying to restrain my feelings about this. Everything after season 7 sort of broke my heart. X-Files, you are the alcoholic relationship that keeps popping back into my life. You show up after 10 years and say "baby, I've changed!" and my morbid curiosity (plus the sweet memories our shared summer nights) makes me think that I can give you another chance. But this needs to stop. I've moved on to other shows- shows that treat me right. X-Files, I will truly always love you, but I think we should just be friends.


  1. I saw this image and smiled big. I started reading and went through an emotional roller coaster: I laughed, then my heart swelled remember you watching, absorbing conspiracy theories while honing your physical skills in project adventure, then I laughed again. Best post yet!

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  3. BELIEVE...the truth is out there...


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