Thursday, March 14, 2013

da da da dada-dada

I was just so excited to finish this that I am skipping the Tauntaun Anatomy post. Now, before you say it- I know many levels are missing, but I wasn't a fan of how that layout was working with the rest of the map. Believe me, I spent too many hours replaying the Vanilla Dome to pretend it isn't important- but that, Valley of Bowser and Star World (etc) will just have to wait.

This map is a little different than the others. I originally wanted to just make the "continents" without elevation, but so much of the personality is about the different levels (that's a weird pun- I mean planes). It may not be antique-y enough, too bright, too similar to the original, but it's working for me (I hope it works for you too).

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  1. !!!! You make me want to play right now. Seeing this made me realize this actually might be my favorite game map of all time to be honest. I want!!!! (Hint: Birthday next week...)


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