Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In which I explain absolutely nothing

hogwarts, hogwarts, hoggy hoggy hogwarts
What do you mean it has been a month since the last post? I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm sure no one (not blood related) even noticed, but out of obligation I must explain.

I have been away.


Because I went to Hogwarts. Drank at the Hog's Head. Stole the sorting hat and hid in the castle crying with the other 8-year-olds until their parents made us leave.

But out of duty, I returned  (they told me I didn't have enough experience to work the Butterbeer concession...) Of course, that was worth it after working two fabulous SF shows, where I met some even more fabulous people. 
UAMI'm a dork
Urban Air Market held their debut show in the Pier 70 warehouse near Dogpatch. I was a little worried at first, not knowing what to expect in space and turnout. But to be honest, it is now one of my favorite venues. I mean seriously, it was a giant, gritty abandoned warehouse! It was so large I couldn't even hear the bands playing from the wee end of the building. And did I mention the people were fabulous? I must say, there are some 16 year olds floating around that have no right to be as cool and collected as they are. Where is the bumbling awkwardness I amstillgrowingoutof remember? These kids are rocking the geeky-chic in ways we old farts could only live in fantasy (while we sat alone on Friday nights watching X-Men re-runs...)

But I digress.
This was also Indie Mart's last show, and I will miss that team terribly. Almost a year ago, Indie Mart's Christmas Speakeasy venue was my first real show (after APE). They took a chance on a scattered, wants-to-do-it-all, craft show newb, and I learned what a great show could really be. I am super sad to see them go, but I am glad I made it in time to see the glory days. I am still a craft show newb, but we are starting to get there.

Hopefully, now you are thoroughly dazzled with pictures not to notice the lack of anything relatively interesting in this post. As always, I promise better things to come.


  1. Sorry for pointing out the month that went by. You were busy though. Just emphasizing posts are read. Hogwarts rules. I wonder wha tuition is though. Wonder if they have a grad program. KeepKicking ass at these events. Shit can I say ass on blogpost? Crap did I just shit?

  2. Seriously proud of what you are accomplishing. Had a lot of Florida fun with you.


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