Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What not to do

this is a picture...kinda goes with the word vomit you will be reading

This isn't finished.
But I have no plans on finishing it. Honestly, I had no plans for this drawing in the first place, and whatever intentions I did have, they were along the lines of 'muted grays with a touch of red' (cue airy hand wave). You can see how well that turned out. So, maybe I should just forgo planning, but drawing without thumbnails (or a general vision?) is an art school no-no. Ever since graduating, I have been trying to re-learn my own way of going about this art stuff. It is kind of  how a black belt has to go back and test through all the old belts in order to complete training (except...nothing like, at all).
The purpose of this was:
1. a break from self-assigned work, and 
2. an excuse to listen to a rather extensive list of audiobooks. 
So now it is for you to suffer, dear readers. This was intended to be sketch vomit of one of my characters, yet, now I am seeing lot of Neil influence that reminds me more of his stories than my own (and yes, we are clearly on a first name basis.) 

In other news, I have some more cards! 

Now I am off to re-shoot some of the old merch.

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  1. What a poignant introspective of the inner workings of an artist's mind. I'm sure other artists read and comforted knowing they are not the only ones rediscovering techniques of the way the artists' brain works. Neil would be happy about this post.


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