Thursday, September 26, 2013

About Freaking Time

The Shire Map

Needless to say, this map was inevitable and a long time coming. You might assume, sweet readers, that I only make maps because I want them. Well... then, you'd be right. I wanted to make a Middle Earth map for a long time, but the problem was, there were many "Lonely Mountains" and "Realm of Middle Earth" maps in  commercial circulation, and they are done quite wonderfully, in my perspective. So why reiterate something that ain't broke, right? Finally, it hit me at a Lord of the Rings party (whatever, what do your friends do?) you aren't having Mordor Morsels or Gondor Gimlets. No, you want to Shire it up, because that's where the Middle Earth party is at, folks! Staring at the looming, geometric border of Mordor all day could be a bummer, so why not balance that out with the Hobbits and discover just how many places are named after those crazy Tooks.

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