Friday, October 11, 2013

Factual Friday

Fact 1: 

This month shall be named Batober for my extensive (yet, unintentional) Batman themed birthday week.
1. In my house, "Bat-Napkin" must be sung in key of the Transformers theme 2. you can see Batphone in the reflection of Batring*
 Re-watching Batman the Animated Series, I realize:
i.   ThatShowWas. Heavy.
ii.   I can only watch it in the afternoon (like old times)
iii.   I am almost positive that half of my proclivity for psychoanalysis is because of Batman.

Fact 2:

I get a little disproportionately giddy about pens (writing pens. Drawing pens is a whole other bag of nonsense).

Fact 3:

I am not a writer. I say this because much of my job is responding to/constructing client e-mails (and, uh, blogging, though you wouldn't know it). The problem is, writing (and anything not art-related) requires switching from "Art Brain" to "Everything Else Brain," which is like taking a steam engine from cold to full power just to get to the next town over. Once the switch is made, I process what I want to say, write an introduction, then pace in frustration after every other word (plus, some internet stuff). Actually, if you write to me, expect my side of the process work like this:

This post was meant for Wednesday, but due to my writing affliction, we have it way past working hours on Friday. "Factual Friday" works much better as a title anyway (and lists are so much easier than that full sentence crap).

*saying it before Mikey


  1. Incorrect. You were also always a great writer and used words at an early age that were my grade level despite being 6 years younger. Animated series was your show. Paul Dini, Kevin Alteri, and Bruce Timm should thank you for your patronage. I was hoping rewatching those shows help you reflect on what makes you special and trigger some childhood creativity. Not that you need help. You kickin butt.

  2. 1.Mikey, you were up early!
    2. I agree
    3. Not only are you a creative and excellent writer, Kaz but an amazing illustrator...a batustratort if you will,
    4. Also an avid reader...since 4th grade of Shakespeare, Poe, Greek Mythology, Jung and Freud as well as those guys Mikey named.
    5. Too little hubris, Kaz
    6. Batnapkin


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