Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wizard Wednesday

A quickie: The standing desk

Once upon a time, I took a tour of Dreamworks and discovered the beauty of the motorized workstation. I witnessed an army of fit, limber artists happily standing at their desks for work*. Ever since that fateful day, I writhed in sedentary agony: knees creaking,  rump ever flattening, just dreaming of a standing desk for which to do my work.

If you are like me, sweet readers, you tend to be overly self-reliant with a weighty practicality that does not let you spend over $1000 on superfluous furniture (or perhaps, anything). So, stubbornly, I made my own for under $100.

And so can you!
It is so simple, you'll laugh at my tutorial, but this will save you the supply research. (And you can be amused that I used a power tool).

What you need

1. Two short, 40" bookcases. I got mine from Target
2. A 2 feet x 4 feet x 3/4inch plywood from any builders supply
3. A drill (who-owns-one-anyway?) and screws

Face the book cases parallel, in the direction you want the shelves. I have mine facing inward because I do not have much space surrounding the desk to get to the storage area. (You might not like having to crawl under the desk every time you need something, but personally, it makes me feel like I'm going to Narnia). The bookshelves should be about 25 inches apart. Place your plywood on top and drill that sucker in.


- 29" bar stool should your idealism begins to fail after a few hours (as mine did)
- Wood stain (probably shouldn't be optional if you, unlike me, have actual class)

Not only is it a desk, but also a space saving home for my endless amount of books, comics, and reference material (+ hidey-hole)

My smarter half (Mr. Awk) was worried about the stability of this structure, but desk is pretty solid. Just don't like, put your refrigerator on top of it, ok?

And that is it. If this lazy art kid could manage it, I am sure you can too.



  1. Not pictured are the screws I needed. I used duct tape instead. This looks so creative. I love the bookshelves inside. Mr. Awk should trust your engineering more

    1. Well, someone needs to check this madness! My ideas tend to work out better in 2-D. When we work together we then have 5 whole dimensions at our disposal.


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