Friday, September 20, 2013

Fantastic Friday

This week was busy like Jawas after a Droid factory collapse. Yet, looking back on the new listings, I'm finding little to dazzle you with, fair readers. It is amazing how maintaining the business end takes a whallop of time. So here is everything else I have been up to:

First, here is a belated (but necessary) THANK YOU to all of the fabulous people who came out to Urban Air Market this past Sunday. It is difficult to not spend all my money at these events, but fortunately I am stuck behind my booth most of the time.
Stand up straight and stop being so awkward with your hands!

Also, I am pleased to say Awkward Affections prints can now be found at Local Take in SF Castro! This may be a small hurdle (of many), but surreal and exciting nonetheless. 

In other news, the fabulous Sepia Puppy is having a Blogiversary giveaway! You can check out the cool prizes and maybe even score an Awk cuddlefish. Check it!:

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  1. Guess it's not called a Busi-ness for nothing. Keep it up. You're kicking butt.


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