Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Musings

Awkward Affections is a little over a year old now. There is no official anniversary, so I give a mental high five about three times a year:  Etsy opening date (January 2012), registration as a business with the BOE (August 2012- more of a "pay your taxes slap" than a high five. Incidentally that is still under kaz by kaz) and my first time as a vendor (October 2012). The business stuff may not be solid yet (I like to think of it in pudding stasis), hell I am still finding my old logos all over the office, but last week I finally came full circle on an old design. Lameasaur2012 was, well lame, but not in the way it was supposed to be. So much has changed in a year, and the lamea-rehash is my own personal commemoration.
lameasaur 2012


  1. Interesting bookends to your great year. Agreed I like both equally as well. Really happy you are on this journey this last year


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